God has given us an awesome one-year process that is very effective in training and discipling young people to become more than successful – to become significant and make a real difference in a needy world. Our process has been running successfully for over 12 years, now having over 230 students in different courses throughout the country.

PNEUKLEUS is on the cutting edge of the newest development of this amazing gap year that can change your life forever.

PNEUKLEUS will facilitate these processes that will change your life as you will develop balance in your life in body, soul and spirit. We will journey with you through your past to take with you all the good investments, but to leave the negatives, the hurts and sins behind. This process will kick-start you into seizing the moments of the present by developing new habits to live every day to the full, seeing and utilising opportunities and resources effectively; taking the responsibility for your own life to become interdependent, growing in all areas, living with passion and perseverance.

On this journey the Holy Spirit will reveal to you your calling and gifting and your future will start opening up to you. You will be equipped to make better choices, choose shorter routes to your Godly destiny. In all this you will develop an intimate relationship with the Lord which will sustain you to live your life to the full, finishing well and leaving a worthwhile legacy.

At the heart of this gap year lies

  • An awesome journey of self-discovery
  • An effective career guidance and long term career planning
  • Leadership development
  • Emotional intelligence growth that will move you from self-consciousness to self-awareness
  • Comprehensive discipleship that will develop a true Christ-centred worldview.

You cannot loose with this wonderful opportunity. No money in the world can buy the inner gems that will develop in your life during this amazing year, and just imagine how this can shape your future in a very positive way. The best way to predict the future is to determine it.

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