When it comes to a gap year, you want one that doesn't leave you in the gap. As the name suggests the PNEUKLEUS program is drawn up to impact from the outermost part of you right to centre of what makes you, you. This is exactly what PNEUKLEUS is directed at: a clear constructive and significant year of growth and self-discovery. Since PNEUKLEUS' inception in 2010 there have been many young adults entering unsure and insecure and finishing with a clearer sense of where they were headed and who they are.

Overall, PNEUKLEUS is a year of service where we teach the student to represent the servant heart of Christ. As we also believe strongly in being a helping hand in community development, we use any opportunity to serve as volunteers in outreach programs either initiated by Pneumatix or the local community.

You may wonder what the name of the gap year is about: PNEUKLEUS

The word: Pneu comes from the Greek work Pneuma. And that means “breath or spirit of a person.” And in the Christian sense: the Spirit of God. Then we merged that with the word: Nucleus – to give you Pneukleus.   The nucleus of something is the central and most important part. So this leaves us with the implication of Pneukleus: “the breath of God at the centre of us.” And then that leads us to the scripture: “Above all else, guard your heart for it is the wellspring of life.” (Proverbs 4: 23)

All of our lives begin from the centre of our being, where God is. And thus all that we do throughout the gap year stems from that solid foundation.

The course has seven focus areas:


If the gap year had to be summed up in one word that would be: growth. You will grow during the gap year! This growth is in various forms: Growing closer to God. Growing in a better understanding of who you are. Connecting with others in a better way. Awakening the wanderlust inside of you. And moving forward in your God given design. Are you ready for that?


Our purpose is to evoke the spirit of the courageous pioneer in each PNEUKLEUS student. We will accomplish this through travel, adventure, and several individuals and group challenges. Through these, the student will develop a strong sense of identity, decision-making skills and a high level of independence.

Examples of some of the more exciting adventure activities include Shark cage diving (Great whites) / Bungee jumping at Bloukrans Bridge (216m), Sea Survival camp at the Southcoast, Surfing lessons, Tsitsikamma Forest Hike (3-4 days), Ziplining, Sandboard Dragon Dune in Mosselbay (350 m), Walking up the iconic Table Mountain and Lions Head, Cycle through Cape Town and hop on the very popular Red Bus and visit all the must-see places like the Waterfront, Cape Point Nature Reserve and Chris Barnard Museum.

We want to awaken the wanderlust and adventure-spirit in each student so we do not confine our activities to just the Helderberg region but target areas across the Western Cape, from the West Coast all the way to the Garden route.

“Fill your life with adventures, not things. Have stories to tell not stuff to show.”


As the word suggests, paradigm means "standard, example, model and prototype". Here at PNXglobal College, we are very passionate about building a Pneu generation of young leaders that will be an example of extraordinary character, infused with integrity, discipline, honesty, and respect. Students that have the ambition to make a positive change in their communities, set the standard of serving in excellence and model the paragon of Christ in both word and deeds.

This part of the program allows you to have space and time to do exactly that. Through Personality and IQ tests, Career Direct, Strength Finder, Leadership Training, Online courses, Spiritual impartation and much more you will be challenged on every level asking the all-important daunting questions: "Who are you? Why are you here? What do you want to achieve in this life? When, Where and How are you going to do it?" This is combined with frequent Feedback sessions on all aspects of the program and very valuable reflection and introspection time to help you find the answers. 

This can sound very intimidating, but don't fear YOU ARE NOT ALONE. Here at PNXglobal, we believe in mentoring, one-on-one coaching and intentional Discipleship to help you with every step of the way.  You are held accountable for your personal goals and commitments by a Student Coach who is dedicated to walking a mentorship path with you. Together we will walk the journey, because "Two are better than one..." ( Ecclesiastes 4:9)

"Paradigm" also consists of self-awareness and self-discovery workshops as well as aptitude assessments with specific outcomes aimed at furthering self-understanding and personal growth. It's about “finding your voice”, growing in self-confidence, being authentic and true to whom God made you, developing the ability to be independent and preparing you for life!

At PNXglobal one is not just a student number. But a very important person who’s name and story is significant to us and to the world that awaits to hear it.


We live in a “Y generation!” We are aware that a lot of students are asking big questions such as “Y me?” and “Y God?” We are not afraid to explore these questions and discuss them. Behind the “Y generation” and all their questioning is a longing to know “Y are they here”? And perhaps some wonder: “Y would God care for me?”
So central to PNEUKLEUS is spiritual formation and development which translates into activities centered on forming an active relationship with God and developing a sound understanding thereof.

PNEUKLEUS aims to guide the candidate through many of life's spiritual questions and challenges, focusing on aspects such as who God is and the elements that comprise a healthy spiritual relationship with Him. Apart from being filled with spiritual truth, the candidate is also given the chance to celebrate their spirituality through various community projects, serving at ministry opportunities and national tours to schools and other institutions.

This aspect of the PNEUKLEUS year is essentially discipleship and mentorship training. These both impart fundamental Christian principles into the student while equipping the student to disciple and mentor others. PNEUKLEUS also joins in with the activities of PNXglobal such as Chapel, Plunge, Prayer meetings and other moments to connect with God.


"Enhance" is where the PNEUKLEUS student is exposed to over 30 different career fields utilizing career exposure, job shadowing and additional courses.
Career exposure: In today's world, it is critical that one makes the correct career choice and for the right reasons. Because of this one of the key factors in the program is exposing students to the theory and practical side of as many career fields as possible within the 29-week course length. We realize that when a scholar finishes school they are confronted with a multitude of career directions and at that stage of their life, some may have not decided on which direction they should take.

The PNEUKLEUS student will have the opportunity to learn the realities and opportunities about career fields from several different industry specialists and various institutions. Example of careers explored: Teaching, Media (Tv + Radio), Medicine and Nursing, Engineering, Occupational Therapy, Psychology, Graphic Designing, Health and Fitness, Sport, Information Technology (IT), Journalism and Photography, Veterinary, Arts and Craft (Pottery + Carpentry) Business ( Finances+ Accounting), Nature Conservation, Tourism, Events Management, Architecture, Theology and Ministry, Aviation (Pilot), Performing Arts (Music + Drama+ Dance), Agriculture and Beauty Therapy.
Job shadowing: As part of their program the student needs to shadow different industry specialists of their choice for anything from a day up to a week. Usually, through this, final career and study choices can be made.

Courses: Opportunities will be introduced throughout the year for students to attend certain courses. At the very least these courses will go towards improving their employability in temporary positions while they study at a college or university. Examples of these courses are first aid, sign language, mixology, barista training, dance, music, and drama.

All this is done to give the student enough hands-on exposure to career fields so that they may be able to make an informed career choice while equipping them for a life at a tertiary study institution.

By JUNE the student will have to start thinking about registering for the coming years’ studies at a tertiary institution. For this reason, the course focuses heavily on career skills and career guidance, assessing the students with an aptitude assessment and coaching them in the process of formulating their top career choices and the application to the relevant training institution.


"Students have the opportunity to travel to the Holy land of Israel. Traveling abroad, meeting new people, having amazing experiences, expanding their world view! This has been one of the many highlights for most students as some of them have never been overseas. On this trip, they visit some of the most historic and well-known places in Israel. Students are especially excited about the fact that their experiences relate very closely to the Bible. To walk where Jesus walked and to see, hear, smell, taste, and literally feel all these things, make the Bible and Jesus so tangible and real! This is something you have to experience


"Robust" means to be "strong, healthy, tough and powerful". This part of the program is all about becoming life-fit and resilient. Therefore it entails “life skills” and physical health.

Life skills are personal attributes that enhance an individual's interactions, job performance, and career prospects, for example, decision-making, problem-solving and self-awareness. Unlike professional skills, which are about a person's professional skillset and ability to perform a certain type of task or activity. Soft skills relate to a person's ability to interact effectively with co-workers and customers and are broadly applicable both in and outside the workplace for example time management, communication skills, and public speaking.

In the PNEUKLEUS Gap Year, we will teach you new invaluable skills and develop and refine other skills you already have. These skill sets will make you more employable, more beneficial and more valuable for society. It will also help prepare you to deal with any emotional, intellectual and spiritual challenge you are bound to face in the professional world. 

We also believe in a healthy lifestyle. "Our body is a temple" (1 Cor 6:19) and so it's our responsibility to keep it in great condition. So as part of the curriculum, you will have several, structured exercising times per week. These exercising times usually provides plenty of fun and laughter, but also focus and commitment and finally a positive approach to life. As part of exercising, disciplined eating diets and sleeping habits are also encouraged. 

What does the Pneukleus year look like?

Term 1

  • South Coast Road Trip (Epic Sea Survival Camp)
  • #Imagine Camp

Term 2

  • Sutherland Stars ( Experience SA's Largest Telescope )
  • PNX Tour 1 ( All over South Africa )

Term 3

  • Tsitsikamma Hike ( 1 week )
  • PNX Tour 2 ( All over South Africa )

Term 4

  • Israel Trip ( Travel to the Middle East )
  • PNX Annual Gala Show 

Career Exposure


  • Teaching / Education
  • Media / Tv / Radio
  • Medicine / Nursing
  • Engineering
  • Occupational Therapy / Psychology
  • Graphic Designing
  • Health / Fitness / Sport
  • Information Technology (IT)
  • Journalism / Photography
  • Veterinary
  • Arts and Craft / Pottery / Carpentry
  • Accounting / Finances / Business
  • Nature Conservation
  • Tourism
  • Events Management
  • Architecture
  • Theology and Ministry
  • Aviation / Pilot
  • Music / Drama / Dance
  • Agriculture 


(Weather and Availability Dependent)

  • Skydiving / Bungee jumping / Shark cage diving 
  • Surfing in Cape Town
  • Tsitsikamma hike (3 to 4 days)
  • Astronomy ( 3 day trip in Sutherland )
  • Sea survival
  • Table Mountain
  • Ziplining / Paragliding
  • Firearm training
  • Horseriding
  • Cable skiing / Wakeboarding
  • Helderberg Nature reserve / Stellenbosch Mountain
  • Chris Barnard Museum


  • Strength Finder
  • Career Direct
  • Personality Tests
  • "I AM" presentations
  • Purpose / Goals 
  • First Aid Course
  • Online Courses
  • Barista Training
  • Leadership training (Global Leadership Summit)
  • Cave Sessions

Spiritual Formation and Development

  • Life Coaching
  • Intentional Discipleship
  • Ministry Outreaches
  • Annual PNX Tours 
  • Community Work and Service


  • Israel (Optional)
  • Sutherland ( Northern Cape )
  • Garden Route ( South Coast )
  • Tsitsikamma Forest ( George )
  • All over Cape Town ( Winelands to West Coast)
  • Across South Africa

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