We have a mandate from God: we need to disciple and equip young people to go out into a post-modern world to live effective and righteous lives, bringing Christ to the hearts of people. A new generation, free from baggage in their lives, with hearts of compassion to reach a lost world; warriors with the courage to die to self and be available to the Lord irrespective of the cost; balanced leaders that live with excellence, skills and competency; professional people that are Christian ministers in the secular world, making a difference in every part of society; passionate lovers that will not compromise on their first love for God and will lay down their lives for their families as the next important priority after God.

Why Do A
Gap Year?

Information does not change people and studying does not ensure growth in all areas of a life.

More than 50% of all university first years do not finish the courses that they started with, or do not finish at all. Those who do finish often pursue careers with the wrong motives or “baggage” from their past and end up unfulfilled in their jobs.

Wouldn’t you, in a short space of time, want to grow to a maturity that will help you make the right choices from the start and will build your self-image and confidence to turn the things that you pursue into success stories, being able to see opportunities, sustain relationships with good character and to influence with spiritual authority?

“You only live once, if you live it right, once is enough.”

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