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South Africa

We, at Pneumatix want to welcome YOU to experience a new and exciting journey in beautiful South Africa. At Pneumatix we offer a variety of opportunities to you starting from a one year GAP year program to a variety of three-year courses.  Our campus, located only minutes from the Atlantic Ocean, is waiting for you to come and experience life as either a Pneukleus student or a first year Pneumatix student.

As the theme of our Pneukleus training states: You only live once, if you do it right, once is enough.


Do you need to fill in the GAP intentionally?

So if you are tired of just the same old, same old and you want a life changing year.

Pneukleus , the Ultimate GAP year is for you. Are you ready to invest a year of your life? Give one year and benefit for eternity. Your benefit begins for you personally as you “study to show yourself approved”, building a strong foundation of faith and character, enabling you to give yourself away to those in need. As a part of the Pneukleus student body, you will be integral in seeing lives changed in a country of extremes, with various service projects aimed to aid the communities of South Africa.  Then to top it off, Pneukleus offers adventure through various camps, team building experiences and outreaches.  So let the adventure begin and join now.

Make sure you check out the detailed Pneukleus information available to you on the website,  Pneukleus brings balance to the whole person, body, soul and spirit.


Pneumatix offers unique opportunities within the tertiary education context. Students interested in studying various courses through distance learning institutions, may register with Pneumatix for the total Pneumatix experience WHILE they study. Don’t stay at home and study while gaining NO experience and learning ONLY the academic aspects of your chosen direction. Pneumatix can offer so much more, that even regular universities can not (in fact many institutions are now being compelled to offer Practical/Experience Integrated Learning as part of their curriculum):
  • A safe, well-maintained environment conducive to hard work and study.
  • Fellowship and student camaraderie with many other like-minded students from different study directions.
  • A structured Pneumatix programme of discipleship, life-skills, character-building discipline and ministry.
  • Two periods of ministry tour for a total of 6 weeks to various destinations around South Africa with the entire student body, ministering the Gospel of Jesus Christ to communities.
  • Relevant tutelage arranged by Pneumatix as complementary to your study course to assist in total assimilation of study material.
  • Student life-coaching by full-time coaches on staff and living on campus - a unique concept in South African tertiary education!
Courses that suite the Pneumatix culture and ministry:
Not all academic courses will suite the Pneumatix culture or established ministry “set-up” at the Pneumatix campus in Somerset West. The following are courses that will naturally be complemented by the strong Christian ethos and culture at Pneumatix:
  • Theology (to become a church leader, or a youth or children’s pastor or missionary; or even simply to study Theology for your own spiritual formation)
  • Psychology
  • Teaching
  • or any distance learning course which might result in a generic bachelor of arts degree which will benefit from an institution such as Pneumatix.


This course is aimed at those with the ambition of making a career within the dance sector. It’s been designed to set up its applicants on an intense level of professionalism, with the ability to dance professionally, choreograph, teach, and to even start up their own dance studio. It’s primarily focused on those with a passion for full-out dancing and/or a desire to teach it.


Developed to train students with a potential to make a career in Musical Theatre for stage and Camera performance. We aim to elevate our applicants to an intense level of professionalism. Students have the choice to specialise in performance or teaching. The training we provide will enable students to create their own work, as well as prepare for auditions. As is the industry, this course is not for the faint hearted.


This qualification recognizes demonstrated core knowledge, skills, and competence in music areas of performance, composition, theory, and analysis and music industry. It enables the development of competencies and other related skills in music, and other performing arts sub-fields.

Learners who have completed this qualification will have the necessary competencies to enter the Music Industry at a professional level.


A need for competence at this level exists for sound engineering competencies across genres. The music industry requires competent individuals who have:
  • Reliable and robust knowledge and skills regarding sound technology,
  • Who can meet industry standards and requirements using technology to their best advantage.
  • Who are capable of delivering efficiently and effectively with regard to sound engineering. 
  • The composition of this qualification provides an integrated set of competencies to meet music industry sound technology needs. 
The purpose of the qualification is thus that a qualified learner is able to meet specific industry requirements and adopt individual characteristic traits for operating in the field of sound engineering.


Community life at Pneumatix will help mould you and make you into the person God wants you to be as you share life together. Core values are established and given room to grow through your experience of life here on campus and throughout South Africa. Are you up for the challenge?

Learn a new culture with unforgettable life changing experiences. Pneumatix is raising up a Pneu-generation of young leaders! Join us to be a part of our student body today.

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