Prices For 2018

What does PNEUKLEUS cost?

Annual student fees of R83,500

Other costs and info:

  • Application process fee of R400 (not included in student fees) due with application.
  • A deposit R9,000 (part of the annual student fee) due on acceptance of application, before end November of the year prior to year of registration.
  • Registration fee of R9,000 (part of annual student fee) due on the day of registration at the start of the year.
  • Breakdown of payment plan is on Prospectus for 2018
  • Pneumatix kit (approx. R2500 for a branded shirt, hoodie, jacket and travel bag). Price varies from year to year.
  • Food - catered on campus (estimated at a cost of R2000 per month depending on the student).

What do I need as a PNEUKLEUS student at Pneumatix?

  • Clothing typical for a season in the Western Cape.
  • A sleeping bag.
  • Personal bedding for dormitory bed.
  • Personal toiletries and towels, etc.
  • Personal equipment for the Pioneer activities, e.g. for hiking ,a rucksack and boots, etc.
  • Clothing/kit for dancing and performances (available for purchase on campus).
  • A valid passport for travel outside the Republic.
  • Preferably a laptop for on-line profile tests and e-mails.

Pricing in the British Pound 255px Union flag 1606 Kings Colors.svg

Here are the fees involved:

  • Gap Year Fee: £4700
  1. Deposit of £530 by November, prior to the year of registration
  2. Another £530 is to be paid at Registration
  3. The rest of the amount will need to be paid by February, April, June & August in instalments.
  • Application Fee: £25
  • Pneumatix Branded Clothing: (approx. £150 for a branded shirt, hoodie, jacket and travel bag). Price varies according to suppliers.
  • Food (estimate): £120 per month
  • Pocket Money – your choice
  • Safari Trip (Contact Gap Year Coordinator to arrange and work out prices for you) – this could be arranged for the July holiday period.
  • The April holiday is a short holiday period. International students can arrange to go home with one of the South African students in that period and get a taste of South African home life.  (Transport and other costs for this period is the responsibility of each student.)

Please note:

  1. These figures are working with the exchange rate: 1 GBP = 17 ZAR
  2. Prices will be adjusted annually and take into account the current exchange rates.
  3. With some figures, the amount has been rounded up (to the nearest ten) in favour of the South African currency.
  4. If any case, the South African currency had to strengthen, the exchange rate will stay at 1 GBP = 17 ZAR.
  5. Because, Pneumatix is a Non-Profit Organisation, the extra amount paid by the British (or other international) student will be seen as a donation.

Payment Breakdown for Year Fees

  • By end of February – 30% (including deposits and registration fees)
  • By end of April – 30%
        NB We require the 60% (even 70%) because we book flights to Argentina early
  • By end of June – 30%
  • By end of August – last 10%

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